NoShowChecker RT (Real Time) solves the age old dilemma:

You never want your customer to be the first to learn that your off-site employee failed to report to work. While infrequent, it always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

Prior to this Oversight-Inc development, there were no remote options to check if someone did not report to work. While there are many software and telephony options to record Time and Attendance data, they all require the off-site employee to initiate the action.

Now, with NoShowChecker RT, you can establish a schedule, and if the employee does NOT phone in as specified, you and your designated managers will be immediately alerted of this by email and txt messages.

Monitor your entire Organization:

The NoShow option offers the additional advantage of permitting our clients to monitor many different locations and many different settings. In fact, you are able to set up an organizational structure that meets all your particular organizational needs.

You can even offer your Clients report privileges if you desire. Consistently monitor many different locations in multiple time zones. The scalability is infinite!





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Our new proprietary process!

set up of no show checker alerts

1. Oversight-Inc creates a secure web site for each Organization.

security guard calling in

2. Operation

no show real time alerts sent

3. Alerts


real time alerts and reports


4. Reports

In addition to the Alerts, there are a number of NoShow management reports including:

  • Alert Log
  • Summary Report
  • Usage Report
  • Call Log
  • Status Report





Go to the the Alerts/ Reports area to see sample reports.